Techno Geek PC


We provide full IT services for your home and business needs.

Computer Builds:
If your computer seems slow, if you are ready for an upgrade or if you just have basic questions, we can help.

Computer Repairs and Data Recovery:
Repairs while you wait or just need a consultation. Lost your data? Need a backup regiment? We can provide on-site and off-site services at reasonable prices.

Website Design:
We offer unique website design for personal or professional use, using the latest technologies.

System Administration:
If you have a computer network, it is important to keep everything running and up to date. Adding clients, users, hardware should be taken care of so you can be more productive. We have been providing administrative services to cients for over 15 years.

Network Design:
If you are starting a business, it is important to network your computers so your data flows more efficiently. Multiple end-user data sharing is a key factor in your business growth. We custom design networks to our clients needs and specifications.

Security Systtems:
In today's world, you need to feel safe that your products and equipment are protected. We can provide a variety of solutions allowing you to monitor your network from anywhere.

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